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My name is Don Sack. I live in Skytop, Pennsylvania with my wife, Dale, and our three cats, Risque, Ruff and Rowdy.

With my camera always at hand, I am deeply involved in the photographic arts. Landscape, wildlife, florals, still life, fine art, street photography, sports and candid shots are my favorite subjects.

After moving on from film photography to the delights of high quality digital imaging it allowed me the freedom to shoot more and get the results I looked for almost instantly with the help of my favorite program, Photoshop. I have been a member of "The National Association of Photoshop Professionals" for over a decade.

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Photo restoration is another fascination of mine. I love to bring old and not so old photos back to life. The original photo is scanned or photographed and all the repair work is done on the digital image leaving your original image intact. You will receive a brand new copy of your very precious memories.

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